Fire Marshall & Fire Awarness


This course provides knowledge and training that is required to enable an employee to carry out fire marshall duties. It will detail the management and behaviour of people in a range of emergency evacuation situations, and the necessary actions to be taken before - during and after an incident. 

Who Should Attend?

Anyone nominated as a Fire Marshal or Fire Warden, who is responsible for overseeing fire safety and/or who is required to act in a position of responsibility during a fire emergency.

Course Length - half day

Outcomes - The employee will be able to:

Recognise the hazards and the risk posed by fire to the organisation.
Be equipped to carry out fire safety management responsibilities effectively.
Understand why it is essential that fire emergency procedures are developed, implemented and monitored on a regular basis.
Distinguish between the different types of extinguishers and there use (including limitations).
Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and behaviour of fire.
Understand the limits of their own competence and when to obtain further assistance.
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